Over the past 5 years, Zenith LED Grow Lights has explored the horticultural potential of LED technology and developed a variety of grow light solutions. We are now pleased to offer several powerful, efficient and effective grow lights that are designed to meet the needs of professional and amateur farmers alike.

Zenith LED Grow Lights are full-spectrum, white light, COB LED platforms that range from 400 to 990 watts. Compared to all gas options, our ZenPro and ZenMatrix series emit a superior spectrum with unparalleled efficiency. Whether vegetating or flowering, Zenith LED Grow Lights will get the job done!

Happy Growing from Zenith LED Grow Lights.



Free DHL Shipping to all regularly serviced areas within the USA and Canada. If you reside in a remote location, your shipment may be subject to a surcharge.

For the rest of the world, Shipping is $50 USD per light. If you reside in a remote location, your shipment may be subject to a surcharge.



We do not charge tax/duty, instead we rely on DHL to calculate and collect tax/duty on all shipments. When your lights arrive, you will be required to pay tax/duty associated with your specific jurisdiction before your shipment is released.

Deliveries in Canada are also subject to a nominal DHL Processing Fee of $10.50 CAD (or 2.5% of Tax & Duty if higher) and a Transaction Fee of $4.25 CAD. These fees are charged per shipment.

At present, deliveries in the USA are not subject to a Processing Fee or Transaction Fee.

For the rest of the world, we suggest that you contact your country's DHL representative to determine if you will be responsible for additional fees.



Queries? Please don't hesitate to contact us at zenithled@protonmail.com